Commerzbank To Close Central Frankfurt Offices During Protest
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Commerzbank AG (CBK.XE) Tuesday said it will close its office buildings in central Frankfurt from Thursday through the weekend because of security concerns over mass protests against the banking industry.

"The safety of our customers and employees takes highest priority for Commerzbank," the bank said in a statement. "Due to the expected hindrances in the central part of Frankfurt" the bank will close all of its skyscrapers and office buildings in that part of town from Thursday through Sunday, it said.

Commerzbank said it will provide affected employees with office space in other parts of the city.

Police, city officials, and business owners are preparing for mass protests targeting the European Central Bank and financial industry that are scheduled to start Wednesday and last through Sunday.

The city has partially banned the demonstration called "Blockupy Frankfurt," but the organizers have vowed to stage the protests nevertheless.

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